i.How do you confirm menopause?+

Onset of menopause occurs usually around the age 50. But in some cases, it may start as early as mid-40’s, or may not start until a woman reaches her late 50’s. If a woman has not had a menstrual period for a year, it is generally accepted that she has reached menopause. In some cases, the doctor may recommend a diagnostic test to check blood levels for follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and estrogen (estradiol), because FSH levels increase and estradiol levels decrease with the onset of menopause

ii.What are different stages and early signs of menopause?+
iii.How long are you in perimenopause?+
iv.What test you must do to check for menopause?+


i.What are the major signs and symptoms of asthma?+
ii.What is exercise induced asthma? How to get diagnosed with it?+
iii.Can exercise help to reduce asthma?+
iv.How asthma can get diagnosed?+

Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD)

i.What are the main causes of Polycystic Ovarian Disease?+
ii.What does the doctor check to confirm the diagnosis of PCOD?+
iii. Can polycystic ovarian disease be treated?+
iv.Is natural conceiving possible with PCOD?+

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

i.What are the major signs and symptoms of chronic kidney disease?+
ii.Having frequent urination? Check if something is wrong with your kidneys?+
iii.What are the test to diagnose chronic Kidney disease?+
iv.What is GFR? What is normal GFR level?+


i.How long can a person survive with and without dialysis?+
ii.Is it painful to have dialysis?Check if something is wrong with your kidneys?+
iii. What are the common side effects of dialysis?+
iv.What is considered as high creatinine level? What are the symptoms of high creatinine level?+

Cardiac Diseases

i.Am I at risk of heart disease?+
ii.How do you know if you are having cardiac problem? Can you have any symptoms before heart attack?+
iii.What should I do to prevent cardiac disease?+
iv. What are the screening and diagnostic tests for cardiac diseases?+

Thyroid Disorders

i.What are the common developing symptoms of hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism?+
ii.Why thyroid is common in women?+
iii.How do you get diagnosed for thyroid problems?+
iv.What are the complications along with thyroid, if it remains untreated?+

Gastric disorders

i.What are the common gastrointestinal disorders?<+
ii.What are the common signs of digestive problems?+
iii.What are the causes of upset stomach?+
iv.Which diagnostic tests are available for gastric problems?+

Hair loss

i. Does nutritional deficiency cause hair loss?;+
ii. What are the common causes of hair loss?+
iii. What are the early signs and symptoms of alopecia? Can it be cured? +
iv.How can I diagnose my hair fall?+

Back Pain

i. What are the symptoms associated with back pain that you should never ignore?;+
ii. Why should you have blood test for back pain?+
iii. How long does it take to heal lower back pain?+
iv. What can cause severe back pain? What precaution should be taken?+

Newborn Screening

i. How is the newborn screening done?;+
ii. How long does it take to get the results of new born screening?+
iii. Which tests included in newborn screening tests?+


i. What are the common causes of obesity?;+
ii. What are the risks associated with obesity?+
iii. Can preventive measures decrease the risk of obesity? +
iv. Which tests are important to undergo for individuals with obesity?+

Alcohol side effects

i. Am I an alcoholic? What is the difference between casual drinking and alcoholism?;+
ii. What is GGT test for liver? What does their higher level mean?+
iii. How long does alcohol stay in my system – urine, blood and breathe?+
iv. How does alcoholism damage liver? Does it affects kidneys also?+


i. Can mini-stroke be diagnosed? Does it shows up on MRI?;+
ii. What all diagnostic tests are there to determine the effects of stroke?+
iii. Is it possible to detect if a person has had stroke?+
iv. Can stroke occur in young age also?+


i. What are the early signs of diabetes?;+
ii. Can diabetes be tested at home? Are there any risks associated with home testing?+
iii. What is the normal range for blood sugar?+
iv. Can diabetes be properly tested with single blood test?+
v. What are the signs of sudden fluctuation of my sugar level? What should be immediate action?+


i. What is the normal body temperature and what is the temperature during fever?;+
ii. How can I detect my fever without thermometer?+
iii. How do I get fever, what all can be the reasons behind my fever?+
iv. What all diagnostic tests are there to detect fever?+


i. How can someone know if she/he is infertile?;+
ii. What all diagnostic tests are there for infertility?+
iii. What can be the possible reasons behind someone’s infertility?+

Bone Health

i. What is a bone density test? What does it actually represent?;+
ii. What is a healthy bone mineral density?+
iii. What all diagnostic tests are there for osteoporosis?+
iv. What is the correlation between vitamin D, calcium and healthy bones?+

Nutritional Deficiency

i. Why vitamin B12 deficiency is common and how does it affect on body?;+
ii. What all diagnostic tests are there for nutritional deficiency?+
iii. What are the symptoms of nutritional deficiency?+
iv. Does the chances of nutritional deficiency increases with age?+


i. What causes acne?;+
ii. How can severe acne be treated fast?+
iii. When should I see a dermatologist for acne treatment?+
iv. Which are the diagnostic test that dermatologists recommend for acne?+

Lactose Intolerance

i. How can milk allergy be tested?;+
ii. How can a person find out if he / she is lactose intolerant?+
iii. What all food items should be avoided by a lactose intolerant person?+
iv. Can a person suddenly become lactose intolerant?+


i. How early can a home pregnancy test detect pregnancy?;+
ii. Which pregnancy tests does doctors use?+
iii. When does the pregnancy symptoms start appearing?+
iv. What all diagnostic tests must be done during pregnancy?+


i. What are the early signs of cancer?+
ii.Do blood tests detect cancer?+
iii.How cancer screening is done?+
iv. What types of cancer screening tests are available?+


i. Is there a blood test for allergy? Which other diagnostic tests are there for allergy?+
ii.How do doctors find out what a person is allergic to?+
iii.Is allergy seasonal?+
iv.What is Elimination test for food allergy? +


i.What all diagnostic tests are there to detect arthritis?+
ii.How can a person identify whether he is suffering from arthritis or not?+
iii. In which parts of the body can arthritis occur?+
iv.How do you get rid of arthritis pain?+

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

i.What are the first signs and symptoms of lupus?+
ii.What are the different types of lupus?+
iii.Who usually gets lupus?+
iv.Can women with lupus have healthy pregnancies?+


1. What is a coagulation disorder?+
ii.What can cause coagulation disorder?+
iii.What are the treatment options for people with coagulation disorder?+
iv. What are causes of coagulation disorder?+

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

1. How do I know if I have an STD??+
ii.I have never had sex, can I have an STD?+
iii.Is there a cure for STDs?+
iv.If I had unprotected sex, when can I get STD tested?+
v.Will an STD affect a women’s pregnancy/baby? +


1. At what levels of hemoglobin are people considered anemic?+
ii. Are some types of anemia inherited?+
iii.What is iron deficiency anemia and can I correct it by changing my diet?+
iv.Why are adolescents prone to iron deficiency?+