When Do You Need To Test Your Blood Sugar (F, PP)

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When Do You Need To Test Your Blood Sugar (F, PP)

Doctors ask patients to take blood sugar tests if they have a reason to believe they’re diabetic or pre-diabetic. The procedure incorporates measuring the amount of glucose present in the patient’s blood. Your body absorbs carbohydrates from food items like fruits and grains and converts the same into glucose. Apart from being a variant of sugar, it’s your body’s primary source of energy. You should continue reading if you want to find out the right moment to take a Blood Sugar (F, PP) test.

The types

When it comes to blood tests for diabetes, you have two options. If you want to monitor and manage your condition at home, you can draw blood from your finger. However, you’ll need a glucometer to conduct this test. The other procedure involves contacting a pathology center. A representative from the organization will visit your premises, draw blood using a syringe, and take it back. It won’t happen just once, though. The pathologist will draw blood early in the morning once when you’ll be fasting. Once you have lunch, the pathologist will draw blood again.

The right moment

So, when do you need to take the Diabetes (High Blood Sugar) test? Continue reading to learn more.

1. Type-1 diabetes: According to diabetes experts, you need to keep tabs on your blood sugar levels consistently. It’s especially true for people who take multiple doses of insulin or use an insulin pump. You need to check your blood sugar right before,

- Exercising
- Eating a meal or snack
- Undertake critical tasks, such as babysitting or driving
- Sleeping.

2. High blood sugar: It’s of the utmost importance for patients to check high blood sugar levels if they have diabetes. They must do it when they feel their thirst or the urge to urinate is increasing. If you have high blood sugar, and if you experience these symptoms, you may need to visit a doctor. A specialist may even modify your current treatment plan. People with properly-managed diabetes can also experience symptoms. It happens because they’re sick or under extreme stress.

3. Low blood sugar: Nutritional Deficiency is a significant issue just as the exact opposite condition – obesity. Similarly, low blood sugar can be as dangerous as high blood sugar. You should get your blood sugar levels inspected if you experience one or more of the following symptoms.

- Shakiness
- Sweating
- Chilliness
- Hunger
- Nausea
- Weakness
- Confusion
- Irritation
- Impatience
- Anger
- Stubbornness
- Sadness
- Tingling sensation in the tongue or lips

Other moments

You’ll need to get your blood sugar tested if you’re pregnant too. Some women tend to develop gastrointestinal diabetes during pregnancy. It happens when specific hormones alter the way your body utilizes insulin. This problem forces sugar to accumulate in the blood. Your physician may suggest testing your blood almost regularly if you experience gastrointestinal diabetes. This issue vanishes soon after you give birth. The Blood Sugar (F, PP) Test Cost is just Rs. 140/-. If you have a reason to believe you have diabetes, don’t wait to get tested.