What Do You Need To Know About CA 125 Ovarian Cancer Marker

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What Do You Need To Know About CA 125 Ovarian Cancer Marker

CA 125 Ovarian Cancer Marker is a mystery to many. It’s actually a pathological test for those who can suffer from cancer of the ovaries. Only reliable and experienced pathologists carry out this test. Its purpose is to ascertain the amount of CA-125 or cancer antigen present in the blood of the patient, which is generally high among women with ovarian cancer. The ovaries are a pair of female reproductive glands that store the ova or eggs and produce female hormones. Ovarian cancer is a result of uncontrolled cell growth in the ovary. This disease happens to be the fifth more common cause of cancer-related deaths in women of the US.

The use

So, what is the use of this test?

Through this test, it’s possible to monitor the treatment for ovarian cancer. If the level of CA-125 drops, then it usually means that the treatment measures are working.
The test determines when cancer will return or not, and if the treatment measures were successful.
It’s the best test to screen women who are at high risk of ovarian cancer.


You’ll need to pay the CA 125 Ovarian Cancer Marker Test Cost if you’re undergoing treatment for ovarian cancer. Your doctor may consider testing you at specific intervals to ensure that the treatment measures undertaken are working. You’ll have to retake this test after the treatment procedures reach completion. Here are a few other reasons why you may need to take this test.

You inherited a gene that puts you at a higher risk of ovarian cancer. These genes are called BRCA 1 and BRCA 2.
You have one or more members of your family who are currently suffering from ovarian cancer.
You previously suffered from breast, uterus, or colon cancer.

How it goes

During the test, a pathologist will take a blood sample from a vein in your arm using a small needle. After inserting the needle, the specialist will draw a small about of blood. You won’t feel anything more than a little sting when the needle penetrates your skin and when it comes out. The process doesn’t take longer than five minutes.

Other considerations

Among other considerations, most people wonder whether they need to prepare exclusively for the test or if there are any risks involved. Specialists that there isn’t anything that you need to take care of before undergoing the CA-125 test, and there aren’t any risks involved. After all, the process resembles a regular blood test.

The meaning of the results

If you’re receiving treatment for ovarian cancer, then you may have to take this test several times. If the results claim that your CA-125 levels are dropping, then you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your body is responding to the treatment. However, if they go up, then it’s probable that your body isn’t responding to the treatment. Sometimes, the CA-125 levels spike even after ending the entire treatment procedure. If your report mentions this fact, then it means that your cancer came back.