What Are The Tests To Confirm Asthma?

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What Are The Tests To Confirm Asthma?

Asthma is a reactive airway abnormality causing difficulty in breathing, chest tightness, coughing and wheezing. It is caused by the hypersensitivity manifestation of the body that causes the elevation of the immunoglobulin type E to protect the body reactions.

A common type of diagnostic procedure for asthma includes the lung function examination, blood test, and chest x-ray. Sometimes there are more lucid ways to rule out some other causative agents that may have caused the symptoms.

1. Chest x-ray:

It does not diagnose any abnormalities due to asthma. It is to obtain images using radiation of the internal organs to visualize if other causes exist. It generally is used to determine any broken bone or severe bronchitis.

2. Blood test:

Some of the doctors rely on a blood test to check the level of IgE immunoglobulin that gets triggered during asthma.

3. Lungs function examination:

It is a common test to evaluate the presence of any abnormality. The common one Lung function test includes spirometry that takes account of the breathing rate that is tested by determining the pace of the exhaled air. In this method, the doctor gives a bronchodilator to see the changes.

It clarifies that whether your windpipe is having any obstructions. Another type of test is the methacholine challenge examination that convincingly screens the presence of symptoms due to asthma.

4. Evaluation of GERD and sinuses:

Many doctors may diagnose the patient for gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) that is aggravated stage of asthma.
There may be polyps that present in the nasal passage as a result of inflammation or infection. Sinuses are filled with liquid that causes blockage and immense pain that can be ruled out with the CT scan.

5. Exhaling Nitric acid:

Nitric acid is an inflammatory indicator that can be given to the patient by a handheld instrument and the exhaled amount of nitric acid is calculated.

Thus, once the cause of the symptoms is clear the patient is oriented towards proper treatment.

Suggested Diagnosis and Tests for Asthma