What Are The Common Reasons To Perform The Infertility Test?

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What Are The Common Reasons To Perform The Infertility Test?

Infertility has been a common nuisance among men and women now. With the advent of new technologies and owing to the hectic lifestyle they are leading, the rate of infertility has only been aggravating since then.

Besides, there are several other causes too, which might lead to infertility. Therefore, a proper diagnosis of the causes is essential in order to get the right treatment at the right time.

When to perform the infertility test:

Infertility can kick in at any age irrespective of the gender of the individual. There can be various conditions under which you might need to perform the test.

For a woman, the following reasons are applicable:

i) In case you are below 35 years of age and trying for conceiving for more than a year, then this test should be done.
ii) If you are above the age of 35, between 40 years, and have been trying to conceive for more than six months, then you should consult your doctor for a test.
iii) You are above 40 years old and want to conceive again or for the first time.
iv) Your menstrual cycles are highly irregular and have painful periods.
v) If you have had multiple miscarriages, then infertility should surely be done.
vi) In case you have undergone treatments relating to cancer and want to conceive later, then you should take this test of infertility.

For a man, the below-mentioned reasons should be considered:

i) Low sperm count is the common symptom of infertility. Therefore, if you have low sperm count or any other related problems with the sperm, then you should take this test.
ii) Other instances like the historical background of testicular or sexual problems in the family are also likely to get transferred to the individual. So, it is better to confirm the fertility be taking the test.
iii) Similar to the case of a woman, if you have undergone any sort of treatment for cancer, then you are likely to experience certain abnormalities. In this situation, a fertility test is what is needed.
iv) Problems like smaller testicles or swelled up scrotum are also causative agents of infertility in some cases. Therefore proper diagnosis and treatment are essential in these cases.
v) Your previous medical conditions are also determiners of infertility. In case you have had sexual problems, you should consult a doctor for the same.

Suggested Diagnosis and Tests for Infertility