Vital facts about infertility test in Mumbai

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Vital facts about infertility test in Mumbai

Different aspects of contemporary life have added to the infertility problems of several couples across the world. Strenuous lifestyle, competitive professional lives, marriage at an older age, pollution, etc contributes to the increasing infertility problems across the world. Quintessentially infertility tests are on a rise in the current times. Before you go for an infertility test in Mumbai or any other city you must know certain things.

Basic brief

It is at this stage that you must know that fertility treatment can be a long procedure. Certain things asked to be done both the men and the women can be a little uncomfortable. Actually there is no determined time period for which you must get the treatment done. It varies from cases to case, situation to situation and from patient to patient. Often the real reason behind infertility is not known. Nothing wrong is found either with the man or the women. There are various procedures of infertility treatment and the science has seen a huge development in current times. The ratio of successful patients has also gone up by a massive margin.

Things enquired before testing

Even before the test is done the doctor wishes to find certain facts about the couple. Some of the points are as follows:

- The lifestyle of the couple. This will include their living pattern, their professional domains, roles, the stress level, family problems if any, etc
- Our sexual pattern or habits are the other very important things that the doctor will try to find out.
- Both the man’s and the women’s medical history will be carefully investigated and analyzed. Body weight, the medicines you take (if any you take on a regular basis), your fertility treatment you have done so far (if any), etc are the aspects that are checked in details.

Tests for men

The Infertility Test in Delhi is meant both for the men and the women. In the case of the men we see that the fertility tests done for the men requires o find out that whether the testicles are making enough healthy sperm. Also whether the sperm is travelling safely to the egg. This is done through an initial physical examination where the genitals of the man is checked. Apart from this he might have to undertake specific tests like analysis of the semen, testing his hormone, testing of genetics, imaging, testicular biopsy, etc.

Tests for women

The infertility testing in the cases of a woman tries to find out that whether the ovaries are releasing healthy eggs, whether these eggs are passing to the fallopian tube and joining with the spermn or not. Next the fertilized egg must travel to the uterus and get impanted there. In order to ascertain all these stages different tests are done. Some of them are ovulation testing, hysterosalpingography, testing of the ovarian reserve, hormone testing, imaging, etc.