Three Simple Blood Tests to Monitor Your Blood Sugar Levels

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Three Simple Blood Tests to Monitor Your Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes has emerged as a leading disease in the past few decades. Modern lifestyle, heredity, sedentary work, lack of exercise and poor dietary choices are some of the reasons why people suffer from diabetes. You should get regular check-ups for Diabetes if:
i) Your age is more than 45 years
ii) You have a body-mass-index (BMI) of more than 25
iii) Your parents have diabetes
iv) You had diabetes during pregnancy

There are three bench-mark blood tests to diagnose and monitor Diabetes. These tests are described below:

Random Blood Sugar- A blood sample taken randomly is a good indicator of random sugar levels in your body. A value above 200 mg/dL for this test indicates diabetes and requires medical intervention.

Fasting Blood Sugar- A blood sample is taken after overnight fasting and tested for sugar content. A value less than 100 mg/dL is considered normal; between 100- 125 mg/dL is considered pre-diabetic and above 125 mg/dL is considered diabetic.

Glycated Hemoglobin (A1C)- This test is done to know your average sugar levels over the past few months. This test measures the percentage of sugar that is attached to haemoglobin. A value of up to 5.7 in this test indicates normal sugar levels, between 5.7 and 6.4 indicates pre-diabetes and a value higher than 6.7 indicates diabetes.