The Unknown Thyroid symptoms in women

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The Unknown Thyroid symptoms in women

Thyroid disorders are very common in woman. Almost more than 12% of people can experience abnormal thyroid at some stage of their life. Thyroid mainly occurs in women than a man. But thyroid disorder increase with growing age. The thyroid affects differently than children. At the basic level thyroid hormones are responsible for energy, growth, and metabolism in your body. Symptoms of thyroid in female can provide trouble when the hormone level is too high or too low. Often the low levels of thyroid hormone can slow down your metabolism

Definition Of Hypothyroidism:

The thyroid is a small kind of butterfly-like gland. This gland drapes across the windpipe. If you place your fingers of your Adam's apple and swallow you can easily feel the thyroid glands that pass under the fingers. The pituitary gland is very important which is situated in the middle of your head that monitors the physiology. Also these release thyroid-stimulating hormone. TSH is the signal of the thyroid gland when it releases the thyroid hormone. Sometimes thyroid gland can not produce more thyroid hormone this is known as primary hypothyroidism. Constipation is also a Thyroid symptom in women.


One of the very common symptoms of hypothyroidism is feeling tired. Thyroid hormones can control the energy level. It's also a reminder of whether you are ready to go out or you can take a nap. Tiredness dizziness is the Symptoms of thyroid in the female. Thyroid hormones are also connected with the brain. So thyroid hormones receive signals from the brain it moves according to the functions. It also controls other functions of your body. If you have a high level of thyroid hormone you can feel nervous sometimes. Some studies also confirm the adult who has hypothyroidism they can experience any sort of physical tiredness. Those people also find low inactivity.

Increase Weight:

Sometimes unexpected weight gaining is another cause of hypothyroidism. There are some other signals like their livers, muscles and fat tissue that can often reflect thyroid. If the thyroid level is low then metabolism can switch its mode. Symptoms of thyroid in female can often cause excessive weight gaining. Sometimes it stops burning calories for your growth. Sometimes it decreases the basal; metabolic rate. As a result of the thyroid, your body starts to store more calories from the diet as fat.

Loses The Body Heat:

There are some other symptoms you can face if you have thyroid like you can feel cold, you can feel weakness, muscles and joint pain. Thyroid often causes massive hair loss. The thyroid can often provide you itchy and very dry skin. If you have thyroid then you can also feel down and depressed. Another major problem is it gives you trouble remembering something even in concentrating. Many thyroid patients can complain about mental fogginess. Also, they can hardly concentrate on something. In the cases of hypothyroidism, your basal metabolic rate can decrease by reducing the heat that you generate.

Lastly, you need to remember that hypothyroidism can give you different types of health and hormonal issues. So it's not unnatural that you can face the unexpected change in the pattern of hair loss.