The Common Signs of Early Menopause

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The Common Signs of Early Menopause

While it is true, menopause affects women who are in their late forties or early fifties. Unfortunately, early menopause symptoms can be experienced by women at almost any age. It is important for women to understand something that is referred to as premature menopause and early menopause symptoms.

What is Early Menopause?

Beginning of early menopause is unexpected at a young age, specifically before women reach 40 years old. There are many conditions or factors that contribute to this condition, such as:
i) Ovarian insufficiency
ii) Autoimmune disease
iii) Genetic factors
iv) Removal of one or both ovaries
v) Chemotherapy and radiation therapy

What are the Symptoms of Early Menopause?

The most common sign of early menopause is having irregular periods in your mid-thirties or periods that are noticeably longer or shorter than normal. Few other symptoms are:
i) Heavy bleeding
ii) Spotting
iii) Vaginal dryness
iv) Infertility
v) Periods that last longer than a week

In these cases, you can consult your doctor to check for any other issues that might be causing these symptoms. In general, the premature onset of menopause is a tough time for any woman with increase in symptoms like fatigue, low self-confidence and a general feeling of rejection.

However, by gathering information on the early menopause symptoms ensures that one can handle menopause better. One must adopt healthy habits in the mid-thirties itself that includes regular exercise, no smoking, intake of low-fat milk every day, and a nutritious diet of green vegetables.

Dealing with menopause at early age of your life can be devastating but getting the right care and educating yourself will make things easier and help you come through the treatment journey triumphantly.

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