The Basic Male Full Body Health Checkup Packages For your Family

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The Basic Male Full Body Health Checkup Packages For your Family

In today's time, health care has become one of the necessities for people. People especially men remain so busy with their work life they tend to ignore their health. Excess workload, extensive traveling, and improper sleeping routines take a toll on their body and mind. However, ignoring health can have drastic results.

The health surveys conducted in India in 2016 have shown that around 22.2 million people are COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) patients, 35 million are chronic asthma patient and 26% of deaths have occurred due to cardiovascular diseases. The number of cancer patients is estimated to rise by 2020.

Most of the diseases occur in Indian men due to the changing weather, rise in pollution, unhealthy food habits, smoking and more.

Some of the diseases the Indian men are likely to face are as follows:-

Diabetes: Unhealthy food habits and improper eating routine are the major reasons for Diabetes. Diabetes is quite risky as they tend to develop into heart problems in the future.
Hypertension: Most of the Indian men have high blood pressure and it is like a ticking time bomb if not taken care of. This is also caused due to irregular food habits.

Cardiovascular or Heart problems: Once Heart problems were considered to be old men’s problem but now even men as young as 30 years old are getting diagnosed with heart diseases. Chain smokers and over-weight people are at high risk of developing heart problems at a young age.

Vitamin D deficiency: Men these days don't get enough time to schedule an outdoor walk or jogging and these causes deficiency in Vitamin D. Since the best source for Vitamin D is the sun, everyone should try to work out at least for some time in the outdoors. Deficiency of Vitamin D results in weaker bones and these causes back pain, leg pain and more.

But all these can be easily avoided with a healthy lifestyle. Timely full body checkups can help you detect the health problems you have and the right treatment you should go for. If you learn your problems earlier you can use the extra time to research and know more about the various treatments or lifestyle changes you should go for.

What are the things you should expect in a Male Full Body Checkup Package?

A standard whole body checks up for men should help in the overall assessment of all the body systems and organs such as Heart, Lungs, Kidneys, Eyes, Dental, Liver, ENT and more.

Some of the popular medical tests in the Full body check-up package for men are:

HbA1C: In easy words, a Haemoglobin test. It is an important blood test that would help in detection of diabetes in a body or (if you already have diabetes) how diabetes is being controlled. 

Liver Function Test (LFT): As the name suggests, it is a Liver test. It consists of a number of blood tests that would help in learning the state of the liver in a patient's body.

Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS): Also helps in the detection of diabetes by the help of blood samples taken after 8 hours of fasting.

Lipid Profile: This is used to find out any abnormalities in the lipids in a patient. It is also used for detection of the cholesterol level in the body.

Kidney Panel Test: This test help in detecting the state of kidney functions in the patient's body.

If you are looking for quality Men’s Health Check up packages you will easily find a number of advanced medical check-up centers in Mumbai, Delhi, and Nagpur.