Tests to Determine Overweight and Obesity

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Tests to Determine Overweight and Obesity

Obesity is perhaps the only reason for the establishment of gyms. Everyone likes to look slim and fit. However not all are blessed with a good figure and so obese people finds it difficult to understand that they are putting on weight.

If you are becoming overweight then just have a look at the below mentioned test that can confirm your obesity.

Measure waist: Waist is sure to give you a clear cut idea that you need to lose on weight. Generally, fats are stored around waist and so a check on circumference of waist can be helpful in detecting obesity.

Physical test: You can undergo physical check up that will include weight measurement, checking blood pressure, and also detecting the pulse rate.

Calculate BMI: BMI refers to body mass index which your doctor can check for determining your obesity levels.

Family history: Obesity usually is hereditary. The doctor might ask questions regarding your family history and also try to find out whether you are stressed out or not.

Blood test: Blood test will help one to find out whether your cholesterol levels are under control or not. There are some other types of test that can help you to detect obesity.

Hence, get your diagnosis done before obesity leads to some serious health problems.

Suggested Diagnosis and Tests for Obesity (Overweight)