Tests for Arthritis - Which Ones Are Right For You?

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Tests for Arthritis - Which Ones Are Right For You?

Most of the older adults are aware of this disease called arthritis. It is a condition whereby a person finds it difficult to move their legs due to excessive pain in their joints. Most of us know that it occurs at an older age but it’s just a myth because arthritis can stuck even a teenager or a child.

Generally, obese people get easily attacked by arthritis. If you are facing problems due to this disease then you can check out different diagnosis methods in this article.

Diagnosing Arthritis:

Arthritis can be diagnosed with the help of blood tests. There are some test given below that might help you to detect occurrence of the disease.

Checking blood count: In this diagnosis process the number of platelets in white blood as well as red blood cells is counted.

Detecting rheumatoid factor: This test is conducted for detecting whether a person is stuck by rheumatoid arthritis or not.

Checking presence of lupus: In order to check the presence of autoimmune lupus this test is conducted. Those persons who are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis can obtain positive results after this test.

C-reactive protein: This method of diagnosis is able to identify the specific reason behind swollen joints.

Thus, one can go for a diagnosis test if he/she encounters swollen joint. An early detection can safeguard your joint muscles.

Suggested Diagnosis and Tests for Arthritis