Symptoms That Necessitate Dengue Tests to be Done Urgently

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Symptoms That Necessitate Dengue Tests to be Done Urgently

Fever and body-ache can happen because of a number of reasons, especially during season changes. While fever is a normal response of the human body against infections, you should not wait to see the doctor if the fever goes very high or has accompanying discomfort like dizziness, rashes etc.

Here are a few warning signs of dengue that should never be neglected:

1) Severe pain in body joints
2) Aching muscles
3) Rashes
4) Exhaustion
5) Swollen lymph nodes
6) Persistent headache
7) Abdominal pain
8) Bleeding from gums or under the skin

If you or your family members experience any of these signs along with high fever, then you should rush to the doctor and get a few tests done to know the reason for these symptoms. Igenetic offers the following specialized tests for dengue that help in timely diagnosis and effective management of the disease:

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR):

This test confirms the presence of the dengue virus in the blood. It can be done as early as within one week of start of symptoms and distinguish dengue from chikungunia and Zika.

Antibody testing:

In dengue fever, different types of antibodies are produced by the body at different times. Testing the levels of these antibodies over time is a great way to identify the infection.

Suggested Diagnosis and Tests for Dengue Fever