Symptoms of different types of breast Cancer

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Symptoms of different types of breast Cancer

One of the most common symptoms of breast cancers is lumps or mass in the breast tissue. Most of the women go to a doctor after finding lumps in their breast tissue but they should be also aware of other changes in their breast and nipples. There are different types of symptoms for different types of breast cancers. If any symptoms of breast cancer are seen then this is suggested to go for Cancer Screening Test in Mumbai. As an example, invasive ductal carcinoma is formed in the milk ducts and it may give you a feel like there is a lump in your breast. Invasive lobular Carcinoma is formed in the milk-producing glands and it can give you a feel like thickening of the breast.

Invasive breast cancer symptoms

These types of symptoms may include:

- There are lumps in the breast
- Swelling in all the parts of the breast even if there is no lump.
- A feeling of breast pain and irritation in the breast skin.
- The nipple or the breast skin may appear as red
- Discharge from the nipple
- Lumps or swelling in underarm lymph node

Ductal carcinoma symptoms

Ductal carcinoma in situ or DCIS may not show any symptoms. In that case, the patient may feel lumps in the breast tissue and these types of cancer are generally detected using a mammogram. In that case, you are suggested to go for Cancer Checkup in Delhi.

Lobular Carcinoma symptoms

It also doesn't show any symptoms and it can be detected with a mammogram. This condition can be found by doing a breast biopsy for investigating the unrelated breast lumps. If anyone has this cancer type then her breast skin will appear as abnormal under the microscope.

Inflammatory breast cancer symptoms

Inflammatory breast cancer may not indicate any symptoms. It basically creates breast lumps and it may not appear in a mammogram. These cancer symptoms include:

- The patient may have a red, swollen and itchy breast skin that is tender to the touch.
- The surface of the breast will seem like orange peel that means it can give you a ridged or pitted appearance.
- One breast can be visibly larger than the other
- The symptoms will be unresolved even after the course of antibiotics

These types of breast cancer don't cause any lump in the breast. You will not be able to detect inflammatory breast cancer with breast self-exam, clinical breast exam or mammogram. Inflammatory breast cancer cannot be seen with ultrasound. The symptoms of inflammatory breast cancer may increase rapidly and any sudden changes in your breast area should be reported to the doctor. In that case, you should Book Test for Cancer Detection Online.

Metastatic breast cancer symptoms

In the case of metastatic breast cancer symptoms, the breast skin or chest wall will be affected and the symptoms may include pain, nipple discharge, any lumps or thickening in the breast or underarm. If there are any tumours in the lungs then the symptoms may include difficulty in breathing, coughing and etc. If this breast cancer spread into the head then it may create sudden confusion, memory loss, headache and etc.

These all are about the symptoms of breast cancer and if you see any of these symptoms in your breast then consult a doctor for further treatment.