Some Procedures of Liver Function Test you must go for if you are Alcoholic

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Some Procedures of Liver Function Test you must go for if you are Alcoholic

Regular consumption of alcohol can lead to many abnormalities in the body. If left unchecked and untreated, it might cause permanent damage of the liver and lead to the development of fatal diseases like liver cirrhosis and liver cancer. However, a liver function test can help you to assess the condition of the liver and control alcohol abuse to a large extent.

Diverse liver tests are there that can prominently assess the condition of your liver. Doctors often go for the following tests if you are alcoholic and face some complications due to it.

The Alkaline Phosphatase Test

Alcohol consumption can raise the levels of the ALP. Higher levels of Alkaline Phosphatase cause inflammation in the liver. You might face various complications like imbalance fever and nausea due to the inflammation in the liver.

Albumin Test

Albumin test is one of the main tests related to the liver as well as efficient for alcohol assessment (liver) in the body. As excessive alcohol damages the tissues of the liver, a proper albumin test can do the right assessment if the liver is really damaged by alcohol or not. The doctors can only go for further treatment for the liver after noting the results of the albumin test.

Any abnormality in the levels of albumin can show drastic complications in terms of physicality. Excessive alcohol consumption can lower the secretion of the albumin taking you the condition of poor nutrition, infections in the kidney and many more.

The Hepatitis C Test

Hepatitis C is one of the common tests done for the alcoholics. If you are prominently alcoholic, there are more chances of getting affected by Hepatitis C. It is a fatal disease and proper liver function test is needed to detect the disease.

Gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase test

The doctors go for the Gamma-Glutamyl Transpeptidase test as it clearly shows the condition of the liver after the ingestion of excess alcohol. The doctors can rapidly start the treatment procedures after the results of this test have come. The doctors will suggest you the lifestyle changes you must make to save yourself from fatal diseases any further. This test is one of the most credible Alcohol Assessment (Liver) tests.

So, you know about some of the leading tests for the liver which the doctors can suggest you do while you have gone through alcohol abuse. Note that the best way to avoid alcoholic liver diseases is to refrain from taking excess alcohol.