Some Guidelines on The Necessity of Having Anemia Test

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Some Guidelines on The Necessity of Having Anemia Test

Anemia is a medical condition where the count of red blood corpuscles drops down. Healthy RBC is required to carry oxygen from one part of the body to the other. Anemia causes a number of health ailments for long or temporary terms.

There are various anaemia tests that are focused to feature all the necessary diagnosis measures to detect anemia. In this article, some facts about the disease will be highlighted.


Anemia can occur due to distinct reasons. In this condition, the body cells either cannot produce abundant RBC or there is a loss of RBC due to major bleeding. In some other cases, there is an autoimmune attack on the RBC. Iron deficiency is the most popular among the causes of anemia followed by vitamin deficiency. These act as precursor molecules to biosynthesize hemoglobin.


There are different Blood Tests for Anaemia that can detect anemia. They are generally of the following types;

1. Aplastic anemia is a type where the body produces a scare amount of RBC. This can be caused by the autoimmune attack or medications.

2. Hemolytic anemia is an inheritable disease where the RBDC gets destroyed before they are replenished.

3. Sickle RBC anemia is also an inheritable serious chronic disease where the structure of the RBC is defective to carry oxygen to different body parts.

Symptoms of Anaemia:

After determining the characteristic symptoms of the disease one can book anaemia test online. In the initial phases, the anemia may have no or mild symptoms which may worsen as the disease progresses. Some of the symptoms include;

1. Feeling of weakness, fatigue, dizziness, and headache more often.

2. There may be irregular heartbeats.

3. The patient may feel breath shortness and chest pain.

4. The skin may turn yellowish or pale.

Diagnostic Tests:

Doctors may recommend anaemia test in Mumbai after going through the family and medical history. Here are a few exams which can effectively detect anemia;

i) CBC is the count of the complete blood cells in the blood sample. Through this test, the RBC level and the hemoglobin content is generally measured. The hematocrit value in the normal individual ranges from 20-52% in case of men and 35-47% in case of women. The hemoglobin level should reside between 14-18g/dL in men and 12-16g/dL in women.

ii) Some other test determines the shape, size and the color of the RBC.

iii) There is an additional test like iron deficiencies, chronic bleeding diagnostic test recommended by the doctor.

Thus, relying on the anemia test one can detect the type of anemia one is suffering through and get it treated at the earliest.