Sexually Transmitted Diseases Are Transferring Serious Life Diseases

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Sexually Transmitted Diseases Are Transferring Serious Life Diseases

The sexually transmitted disease term is used which refers the transmission of disease, from one person to another through sexual contact. You can contract an STD by having unprotected vaginal, oral or anal sex with someone who has the STD history. It can be in the form of viruses, bacteria or parasites. There are more than 20 types of STDs. Some of the common STDs are; Gonorrhea, Syphilis, HIV, Herpes and Chlamydia. It affects both men and women and if a pregnant woman has an STD then it can cause serious health problems for the baby.

Some Signs And Symptoms Of STD

There are several sexually transmitted diseases (STD) having viruses and bacteria. Those are as follows:

  • Painful or burning urination
  • Lower abdominal pain
  • Unusual Vaginal Bleeding
  • Discharge from penis
  • Unusual or odd smelling vaginal discharge
  • Sores or bumps on the genitals or in the oral or rectal area
  • Sore, swollen lymph nodes

These are sexually transmitted diseases, which can transfer from person to person by sexually meets and can give life-threatening diseases.

Types Of Tests To Diagnose

Sexually transmitted disease (STD) test includes blood test to confirm the stages of syphilis or diagnosis of HIV. Fluid sample from the sores are done to diagnose the types of infection. It has done when the genital sores are active. The other test is Urine test. The urine sample helps to confirm that is there any infection is transmitted or not. It can badly affect the life and life style. Avoid usage of injectable drugs or alcohol as they can lead to risk of life. Always have limited sexual partners to reduce the chance of transmitted any bacteria.

Online Blood Test Provides Specialized Services

Booking for blood or urine or fluid test online can give you the benefits of all the services that you will find in any hospital. They also have the specialized laboratory of world-class management system with tight controlled process. Online STD test offers extra services as they will reach your home for test and take the sample to their laboratory for testing the sample. They use variety of testing tools and advanced technology to approve the disease. They also offer some packages that you can book for other health checkups. Sometimes it packages includes all the necessary tests for related disease and comes in the budget. The online blood test provides home delivery of reports that you can get your reports at home itself. You don’t have to go outside for blood test and its report.

The transmitted diseases can have many risk factors and can cause serious disease that can never been recover. If any person has STD history then he or she will always take care of the factor that it does not affect to the other. However, if mother have any STD virus then it has 90% chances to get transmitted into her child. Therefore, a protected sexual contact is very important for everyone to reduce the chances of having such kind of diseases.