Opt For Semen Analysis Or Seminogram Conducted By The Reputed Laboratory

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Opt For Semen Analysis Or Seminogram Conducted By The Reputed Laboratory

Semen analysis helps in examining the viability and health of a man’s sperm. Semen is a type of fluid that contains sperm along with some other proteins and sugar substances, which is released during ejaculation. Semen analysis is measured three crucial factors that are the shape of the sperm, sperm motility and number of sperm. Doctors are said to hold 2 or 3 sperm analyses so that they have a proper idea of the sperm’s health.

Reasons to undergo the Semen Analysis or Seminogram

There is a list of reasons to conduct the Semen Analysis or Seminogram, and some of the reasons are:

For male infertility: Semen analysis is recommended on several occasions when couples have trouble getting pregnant. With the help of this test, it will enable the doctor to determine whether or not the man is fruitless. The analysis will also help in determining if sperm dysfunction or low sperm count is the main reason behind barrenness.

For vasectomy success: Through the semen analysis, men who had or have vasectomy can make sure that they do not have sperm in their semen. Under vasectomy, the tube that transports sperm from the testicles is cut, which is a form of birth control. Once the vasectomy is complete, doctors tell their patients to undergo the sperm analysis every 2-3-months to ensure there is no sperm present in the semen.

How to make preparations for the semen analysis?

Your doctor will provide you with all the instructions that you need to follow for the semen analysis. If you want accurate results, then following the right instructions is important. To get the best results you need to:

- Elude ejaculation for 24-hours to 72-hours right before the test.
- Do not drink alcohol, caffeine and take drugs like marijuana or cocaine for 2 to 5 days, before taking the test.
- Don’t take any herbal medication.
- Make sure to dodge hormone medication.

What type of result to expect?

Once your semen sample is collected, the results for your test will be ready within 24-hours or 1-week. When a doctor reviews the semen analysis, there are many factors to consider. Analysis after vasectomy looks for the presence of sperm, but the analysis to look for impotence issues is much more in-depth. For that, your doctor will analyse the sperm shape, liquefaction, PH level, volume, appearance and the sperm count. The Cost for Semen Analysis Seminogram Test will fall right under your budget, and you do not need to pay a huge pile of cash for it.

Parting Words!

Through the semen analysis, you will receive plenty of information that will help in determining factors, which affects your fertility. You can get the test done from one of the reputed, trusted and the best laboratories, and it is guaranteed that the results you will receive will be accurate.