Nutritional Deficiencies- At the Root of Many Health Problems

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Nutritional Deficiencies- At the Root of Many Health Problems

Nutrition is the term which represents the nutrients required by a body. It consists of essential minerals and vitamins that protect the bodies from various diseases and regulate the body development. These cannot be produced in a body naturally; rather the body absorbs it from the regular diet.

Nutritional deficiencies can emerge many disorders in a body which lead to the serious health problems- dementia, defective or stunted bone growth, skin disorders and digestion problems and so on.

The causes of Nutritional Deficiency:

Generally, nutritional deficiencies can cause for two reasons- poor diet and impairing of absorption. Time is another main factor for nutritional deficiencies as improper timing of taking food is really bad for health.

If absorption ability fails to perform in the way it should perform, then the nutritional deficiency can be seen. At that point of time, the amount of intake of healthy food will not be able to maintain the balance of the essential nutrients in the body. Patients of post Bariatric Surgery may also encounter the nutritional deficiencies in the body.

The symptoms you find while having nutritional deficiencies:

Basically, the symptoms differ according to the nutrients that lacks in a body. However, some common symptoms those can be faced are,
i) Depression and sleepiness
ii)Weakness and fatigue
iii)Trouble breathing and pallor
iv)Heart palpitations and feeling faint
v)Menstrual issues in women- heavy cycle or missed periods
vi)Hair loss and irregular food cravings and others

The ways nutritional deficiencies can be diagnosed:

If the dietician suspects that you are suffering from nutritional deficiencies, the doctor will enquire about the symptoms you are encountering along with any experience of constipation period. Moreover, the doctor can prescribe for CBC (Complete Blood Count) test for diagnosing the nutritional deficiency in your body.

The few methods of treating nutritional deficiencies:

Actually, the treatment of the nutritional deficiency is depended upon the nutrient your body lacks from! Some of the common ways of treatment are given below:

Parenteral administration- When the deficiency cannot be fulfilled by oral medication, nutrient is supplied to the body parenterally through muscles or veins.

Supplements- When the nutrient-rich diet unable to provide nutrients, the supplement drinks help a lot in attaining the demand of the body.

Dietary Changes- Sometimes, if you change your diet chart slightly according to the need of the body, your body can get the proper nutrient from the diet.

Suggested Diagnosis and Tests for Nutritional Deficiency