Necessity of Doing Blood Test and Routine Health Checkup

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Necessity of Doing Blood Test and Routine Health Checkup

Blood test is an important part of health check-up prescribed by doctors to check the health condition and to find the symptoms of diseases. Blood test helps the doctors to find out how the body is working, it is the most convenient way to detect the health issues. Blood tests are done in pathology labs to analyze the blood samples drawn from the patients. Blood test in Mumbai is very much convenient for the patients as they do not need to stand in a queue, phlebotomists of path labs now go to the home of patients to collect blood samples, they also deliver the test result at your doorstep.

Some blood tests require fasting before the blood sample is drawn from the body. Here is the list of blood test that needs fasting:
•    Blood sugar test
•    Glucose test
•    Liver function test
•    Kidney test
•    Cholesterol test
•    Basic metabolism test

Food that we eat is consists of vitamins, proteins and other nutrients that temporarily increase some components in your blood, 8 to 10 hours of fasting can help to acquire accurate blood test results. Top pathology labs in Mumbai use advanced technology and equipments to test the blood samples and to assure the exact test results.

Routine Blood Test

A blood test comprises of CBC (Complete Blood Count) that helps the doctor to find out the Hemoglobin level, Red blood cell and White blood cell in your blood to uncover diseases like anemia, infection, and cancer. Your doctor may recommend you to do a routine blood test at least once in a year for a better lifestyle.

Regular blood test helps to check

•    How the organs like kidneys, liver, heart, and thyroid glands are working.
•    Risk factors of hazardous health conditions like HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Diabetes and Anemia.
•    The medicines taken by the patient is working or not.
•    The level of the blood components are in the normal range or not.

Things that affect the blood components level

Alcohol consumption, menstrual cycle, diseases, diet, physical activity, and medications cause abnormal changes in the components of blood. A blood test in Mumbai with a high tech process helps to detect the disorders in the blood. With an accurate result, it is helpful for the doctors to prescribe medications. It will also help you to choose the correct diet for a healthy lifestyle.

Common Routine Blood Test

Some common routine blood test consists of CBC (Complete Blood Count), Basic Metabolic Panel, Thyroid Panel, Testing the level of Iron, Vit B and other components of blood. Some tests also include STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases), Enzyme makers to detect the risk factors of cancer.

Blood test results may take a few hours, in some cases even a few days to become accessible. Blood test has some risk factors like hematoma, it is caused when enough pressure is not applied while drawing the blood from the tissue and cause blood accumulation around the tissue, vein inflammation due to rapid blood collection from the same place. But top pathology labs in Mumbai have skilled phlebotomists to avoid these conditions.