Menopause - Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment to Avoid Further Health Issues

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Menopause - Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment to Avoid Further Health Issues

Menopause is a stage in women's lives, when their ovaries stop producing matured eggs due to age, and which results in the lower level of hormones like estrogen. Women experience different symptoms before entering their menopause stage. This phase is called perimenopause. Generally, women aging between 45 and 55 years are expected to enter the menopause stage. Different diagnostic centers carry out menopausal screening test in Mumbai as well as in other cities of India to detect whether a woman is entering her menopausal stage.

Symptoms of Menopause:

The symptoms of whether a woman is entering her menopause stage started showing at the perimenopause stage which is a transition period before menopause. This transition period stays for about few months for some women, while in other cases they even can last for as long as ten years. In this stage women experiences changes like irregular periods or shorter menstrual intervals. Many women experience menopause as early as about 29 years of age due to poor nutrition or their choice of lifestyle.

However, when they enter their menopause, they experience changes like mood swings, insomnia, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, sudden weight gain and in some cases even memory problem. These changes differ among different women. While some faces absolutely no problems at this stage. In some women, symptoms are so severe that they require medical attention. One can book menopause test online to determine the stage they are in and whether they need any further treatment.

Test to Diagnose Menopause:

Like pregnancy kit, many menopausal kits are available for women to conduct their menopausal screening at home. Observing the physical changes they are going through, women can realize that they are approaching their menopausal stage. However, consulting a gynecologist, and conducting a blood test that shows a rise of follicle stimulating hormone and reduction of estrogen level, detects the approach of the menopausal stage. The menopause stage is confirmed when a women experience no period at a stretch for twelve months.


Since menopause is a natural stage, it doesn't require treatment. However, at this stage, women can experience the various health-related problem. Treatments are required to reduced those health-related risks. One can undergo a menopause test in Delhi and other cities of India to confirm whether they are in the menopausal stage. Further based on their symptoms, they can follow a certain routine to reduce the symptoms that can affect the life of the patient in the long run.

A woman in her menopausal stage can be prone to heart diseases, urinary problems, osteoporosis, or can experience weight gain. Treatments like hormone therapy or a medication like low dose anti-depressants, or application of vaginal cream to relieve vaginal dryness or medication to prevent osteoporosis can be included in their regular life. More than medication, women bring few changes in their lifestyle like getting enough sleep, practicing yoga or breathing exercises, staying in a room with cooler temperature, maintaining a balanced diet can help them deal with menopausal symptoms.

Menopause is a stage in women's lives, not a disease. Once a person book menopause test online followed by confirming their menopausal stage and bringing little changes in lifestyle, women can continue living a healthy life for a long time.