Making Monsoons Merry With Our Special Monsoon Fever Package

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Making Monsoons Merry With Our Special Monsoon Fever Package

Who doesn’t love monsoons? The petrichor after the fresh rains land on parched and sweltering Earth is one of the most cherished aromas. While monsoons bring a new lease of life to the dry vegetation and brings colourful blooms come alive, it also comes with urban problems like water logging. This is why we bear the brunt of diseases like Chikungunya and monsoon fever like Dengue and Malaria, all of which are spread by mosquitoes breeding on stagnant water.

Igenetic offers a specialized Monsoon Fever Package that includes tests like:

    • Dengue NS1 Test to Identify the NS1 Antigen of Dengue Virus
    • Chikungunya IgM Test to Identify the Antibodies in Response to Chikungunya Infection
    • Widal Test to Diagnose Typhoid
    • Malaria Tests to Confirm the Presence of Plasmodium
    • Complete Blood Count to Assess the Response of the Body to Infection
    • Routine Urine Analysis to Confirm or Rule out the Presence of Urinary Infection as a Cause of Fever

With these tests, you can accurately determine the cause of your fever and start medical treatment without any further delay. Our highly qualified and experienced staff and most modern technology makes sure that you get fast and accurate results. Make us your trusted healthcare partner and take control of your health, today.