Looking For A Clinic To Perform Seminogram Test Near You?

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Looking For A Clinic To Perform Seminogram Test Near You?

In this fast developing world where people are busy living the high life, it is necessary to stop and perform a introspection about our health. It is important for people who has bypassed the puberty to take care of their sexual health. For men, performing a Seminogram test is important to check the potency and viability of the sperm. If you are concerned about your health, you should immediately look for Seminogram test near me to find out about your sexual health.
Need For The Seminogram Test

To Check The Level Of Fertility

Couple trying to conceive often face the problem of producing. Therefore, a check up for both is necessary. For men, it is important to check whether the man is fertile or not, depending on a thorough semen check up. It also determines the sperm count and if there is any dysfunction.

Undergoing Vasectomy

If you wish to undergo a vasectomy as a step towards birth control, it is important to ensure that there is no presence of sperm in the semen. Vasectomy seals the passage of sperm from the testicles to the penis and shut it. Monthly check ups ensure the absence of sperm in the semen.

Conducting The Test

The doctors collect a sample of your semen to perform the Seminogram test and the result is usually delivered within 8 hours.
The semen is delivered to the pathology in closely capped sterile bottles.

To collect the sample, you can perform either of these activities-

- Masturbation
- Withdrawal while having sex and ejaculating
- Ejaculation in a condom
- Electricity stimulated ejaculation

Try to collect a fresh sample and deliver it to the pathology center within an hour of its production. Fresh semen can yield better result. Another important thing is to store the semen in a regular room temperature. Too warm or too cold temperatures will bring inaccurate and faulty results.

Measures To Take Before Collecting the Sample

In order to collect the sample for producing a positive and correct analysis, try to do the following

- Refrain from alcohol intake or drugs of any type within five days of the test.
- Do not ejaculate within 24-72 hours of the sample collection.
- Avoid the intake of any hormone related medicine that might affect the sperm count or its flow.

What Will the Test Analyse?

The test will analyse the sperm count, the shape of the sperm its motility. Based on these three factors, the fertility rate of the sperm is determined.

Cost of the Test

Depending upon the pathology centers and their service, the cost varies. Usually, the semen analysis Seminogram test cost takes about 500 rupees or so. You can expect the results to be delivered to you if you wish.

Undergoing this test is necessary to ensure a healthy and satisfactory sexual life. If you are into family planning, this test is your responsibility which you must not ignore.