Learn About the Heart Disease Symptom That Can Save Your Life

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Learn About the Heart Disease Symptom That Can Save Your Life

 Heart is one of the most important organs of our body because it helps in pumping blood into our system. Human body will turn into to a lifeless being without it. This brings out one of the important fact that heart should be kept in good condition. Heart disease is a common health problem and numbers of causes are linked with it. However one needs to get a clear understanding of the symptoms that leads to heart attack.



Some of the symptoms have been discussed below:
i) Nausea
ii) Heartburn
iii) Squeezing sensation of chest
iv) Arm pain
v) Upper back pain
vi) Jaw pain or tooth ache
vii) Shortness of breath

Anyone of these above mentioned symptoms can be an indication that your heart is not well.

Common errors made by physicians:

It is quite common that when you are going for a heart check up then your physician starts checking your pulse rates or heartbeat. However in most of the cases, a check on heart beat is not sufficient to confirm about heart disease.

Thus it can be concluded that one emend to understand his/her symptoms. In case of any confusing a physician is a better option who can help you out.

Suggested Diagnosis and Tests for Heart Disease