Know The Root Cause Of Your Allergy With These Clinical Tests

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Know The Root Cause Of Your Allergy With These Clinical Tests

While some people enjoy the spring, others experience runny nose, watery eyes, wheezing and coughing because of the pollen in the air and are unable to go outdoors. Similarly, some people have an allergic reaction to some kinds of food. If you are one such person, then you should know the cause of your allergy and only then you can control the allergic reaction and discomfort. Read on to know the simple ways by which you can clinically get allergy testing done at igenetic.

Skin tests for allergens:

These tests are fairly easy and quite reliable for determining allergens. A Skin Test for Allergy can be either a patch test, a scratch test or an intradermal test. Basically, different potential allergens will be mixed in a liquid and place just under your skin. If you are allergic to it, your skin will become red in that area. Patches of such allergens are also used in some cases and left on for a few days.

Blood tests for allergens:

In certain cases, the levels of antibodies in your blood need to be determined to see the extent of your allergic reaction.

Elimination diet:

Excluding dietary components one by one also reveal if a person is allergic to a particular dietary component.

Suggested Diagnosis and Tests for Allergy