Know All About PCOD Profile Test And Its Packaging

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Know All About PCOD Profile Test And Its Packaging

Polycystic Ovarian Disease, commonly known as PCOD or PCOS has become a common occurrence among women who are in the age between 16 and 48, the age when they are able to fertilise. The rate of PCOD is increasing and every one woman out of ten are contracted with PCOD these days. Alarmingly enough, symptoms occur but only after a thorough test that it is possible to understand how much a woman is affected and how quickly one can be cured of this disease. That is why, doctors strongly advise women to go for a thorough check up every six months. If you are diagnosed with PCOD, you should take the PCOD profile test.

Why these tests are so important

This test is performed to examine the levels of different hormones in the body like oestrogen, androgens. Anomaly in hormones result in menstrual irregularity, obesity, difficulty in conceiving and other problems which may take a bad turn, resulting in Ovarian cancer. Therefore, every women between the ages of 23-35 should get the tests done.

What Tests Are Included In This Package?

Competent pathology centers do a thorough check up and provide a test package which includes the following -

Follicle Stimulating Hormone Test

FSH is released from the pituitary glands of our body. It plays a key role in human reproductive system. This test examines the level of follicle stimulation in the body.

Luteinising Hormone Test

This hormone controls the sexual development in a body and also regulates the menstrual cycle in a woman's body. The LH test figures out the exact time period of ovulation occurring in your body and if you have any problems associated with your cycle.

Level Of Testosterone Test

This tests the level of TH present in your body. The Luteinising Hormone stimulates the level of testosterone projected. This test is performed to check the development of male sexual organs.

Serum Prolactin Test

This test measures the level of prolactin present in your body. If the level of prolactin is normal, this means that the reproductive system is healthy and well functioning. In case of women, this hormone stimulates the formation of breast milk while the woman is pregnant.

Cost Of This Package

The PCOD profile test price varies per pathologies. However, experienced and responsive pathologies who deliver the test results within a short span are available and their charges come in a decent price, starting from 1000/- to higher amount.

Efficient Result

Do a little research and visit pathologies who perform a thorough diagnostic test using modern technologies. That brings efficient results in less time. Highly competent medical experts perform the tests and that is one thing you can trust while doing the tests. So, don’t delay in performing the PCOD tests to ensure a safe and healthy life. Fitness is a wealth that should be treasured.