Know a Few Things Before you go for Semen Analysis Seminogram

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Know a Few Things Before you go for Semen Analysis Seminogram

Male infertility is a problem with many for which people need to visit the expert. The reasons behind infertility can be many for which, the doctor can recommend multiple testing. Pathological tests are the only way to understand the underlying reason behind the problems. Semen testing is the prime way for doctors to start treating men suffering from infertility issues.

Go to an expert

Not all doctors can identify the right reasons behind infertility issues. Always seek the assistance of an experienced doctor before you for Semen Analysis Seminogram. There can be additional tests that are crucial to understanding the conditions better before initiating the treating course. Thus, undergo the test only with an expert prescription.

The right lab

If the doctor has prescribed you to undergo a sperm or semen analysis test, you need to find the right clinic. Evaluate the clinical amenities and contact them to know if they provide the testing result within a day. An efficient lab with the right facilities is what you need to obtain the right outcome. You can check the official website and see if they offer similar tests for male fertility concerns to understand their working capacity. It is vital to know these beforehand as not all pathological labs conduct all these tests.

Hygiene factor

As you know, for the semen test, you have to collect your semen sample in a bottle. Hygiene plays a crucial role in such tests. If the sample collectors provided by the lab are not hygienic and at par with the medical regulations, it is a big no! While you search for Seminogram Test Near Me, check the conditions of the lab carefully to understand the hygiene measures. Especially amidst the pandemic, ignoring the hygiene factor can lead to worse. Avoid infection chances by going to a reliable lab.

Restrictions to follow

There are certain restrictions attached to the seminogram test. The doctor whom you see for the infertility concerns can guide you with the best advice. However, in general, there are some common restrictions that you need to follow before the test.

For an accurate analysis, it is better to abstain from any sexual activity involving ejaculation. The prime reason behind this is to maintain your sperm count during the test. Ejaculation leads to a temporary drop in sperm count and brings inconsistency in the accuracy of the seminogram test.

Result accuracy matters

Other than the said factors, other factors influence the analysis outcome. Alcohol consumption, smoking, and bad lifestyle habits impact your semen features. Also, exposure to heat, feverish conditions, and other factors plays a role in the analysis. Get the test result checked by the expert to understand the conditions properly. Do not follow any treating course without verifying it from an expert.

Get the right analysis

Keep a note of all these before you go for a seminogram test. Find the best doctor and pathological laboratory to undergo the test.