Kidney Dialysis Diet - Daily Tips to Boost Your Kidney Function at Its Fullest

After undergoing a dialysis, one must follow certain typical diets as it will help them to cure them. Physicians often recommend certain types of diet that is to be taken by a patient in their post dialysis phase. There is a list of diet that is highly recommended by physicians and dieticians and they are:


i) Protein should be given to those on dialysis as it helps in maintaining their blood protein levels.
ii) Protein food may include meat, fish, eggs & pork.


i) It is often found that a patient who has undergone dialysis tends to lose calories and so they require high calorie rich diets.
ii) One must ensure that calorie rich diet need to be given as per accurate amount as suggested by the dietician.

No Milk/Yogurt/cheese:

i) Dairy products are rich in phosphorous which is not good for dialysis patients.
ii) These products are rich in phosphorous and that is why always avoided for dialysis patients.


i) Fruits are healthy for a sick person but there are some kinds of fruit which is to be avoided.
ii) A patient in their post dialysis phase has to avoid fruits like oranges or orange juice, raisins, bananas or kiwis.

Suggested Diagnosis and Tests for Kidney Dialysis

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