How Nutritional Deficiency Test Will Helps To Live Life Longer And Healthy?

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How Nutritional Deficiency Test Will Helps To Live Life Longer And Healthy?

To live long and healthy life, human body needs good amount of essential nutrients. It develops our body and prevents our body from any disease. The minerals and vitamins are referring as micronutrients. They cannot be produce in the body naturally. It has obtained from nutrition diet. It mainly occurs when body does not get necessary amount of nutrients from food. Nutritional Deficiency can lead to variety of health problems like skin disorders, digestive problems, dementia and defective or stunted bone growth.

Several types of common Nutrient deficiencies:

Here are some deficiencies that are common in many people.
i) Calcium deficiency
ii) Iron deficiency
iii) Vitamin D deficiency
iv) Vitamin-A deficiency
v) Vitamin-B12 Deficiency
vi) Iodine Deficiency
vii) Magnesium Deficiency

There are 90 percent of vegetarians of Indian population and 85 percent of non-vegetarians having protein deficiency. 70percent of population are suffering from vitamin deficiency. These both includes in Nutritional Deficiency.

Blood tests to diagnosis Nutritional deficiency:

Blood test is the only way that can measure nutrient levels and also find out what is going on inside your body. Blood tests help to diagnosis of deficiency and also helps to plan its treatment. Nutritional Deficiency Test includes Mineral test, Vitamin test, Metabolites, Amino Acids, Antioxidants and Fatty Acids. The protein deficiency or Protein energy malnutrition includes Marasmus and kwashiorkor are the several form of malnutrition that dehydration, weight loss, swelling and chronic diarrhoea. It is resulting deaths of children; those are less than 5 years, in India. Deficiency of Vitamin-A is more common in pregnant women as it has higher mortality rates.
The foods that contain Vitamin- B, B3, B9, B12 and Vitamin-D will help the human body to prevent vitamin deficiency. Mineral deficiency contains calcium deficiency, iodine deficiency, iron deficiency that cause bone related problems, increase thyroid hormones and cause haemoglobin problem

Booking online blood test:
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