Gastric Reflux Symptoms - What Are the Common Reasons For Heartburn?

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Gastric Reflux Symptoms - What Are the Common Reasons For Heartburn?

Gastric reflux occurs with the bubbling up of stomach acids into esophagus and throat. Everyone has experience this kind of sensation after intake of unhealthy food. This sensation of heartburn has some of gastric reflux symptoms are mentioned below:

Excessive secretion of saliva:

Secretion of saliva increases after a meal which is an indicator of reflux.

Bitter taste:

Stomach juices that are being force to pass through the outlet of esophagus leaves a sour taste in your throat.

Chest pain:

Chest pain is taken as another major symptom of acid reflux.


Stomach acid does not only irritate your throat but it also cause problem in lungs.

Heartburns occur due to the intake of foods that are meant to stimulate acid secretion. Common causes associated with heartburn includes

i) Caffeine
ii) Aspirin
iii) Carbonated beverages
iv) Acidic foods

Other probable reasons for gastric reflux are enlisted below:

i) Smoking and intake of high fat content food serves as another reason for acid reflux. Foods that are rich in fat tend to influence the function of lower esophageal sphincter, causing acid formation inside stomach.

ii) Obesity is another cause of reflux as it increases pressure in abdomen thereby causing acidic reaction in abdomen.

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