FAQs About Diabetes Test In Mumbai

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FAQs About Diabetes Test In Mumbai

High blood sugar or diabetes is quite a significant problem affecting the entire world, and India isn’t any different. Numerous folks in the subcontinent suffer from it, and the number of patients is increasing with every passing day. Hyperglycemia, the medical term used to describe an abnormally high blood glucose level, is the hallmark sign of diabetes of both types – type-1 and type-2 diabetes. There’s also a pre-diabetic condition where patients experience the same symptoms. If your doctor suggested undergoing a High Blood Sugar Test in Nagpur, then this topic deserves your attention.

1. The importance of knowing: You don’t need to know your blood sugar numbers just because your doctor suggested it. The values can tell you much about your lifestyle and diet. Besides, testing is the only way to ensure whether you’re actually diabetic or suffering from any other condition having somewhat similar symptoms. By knowing the values, you’ll reduce your chances of suffering from severe health problems, such as kidney diseases or vision loss.

2. Getting your blood sugar levels checked: If you want the most accurate results, you should take a Diabetes Test in Mumbai that will take place at a diagnostic center. Or, you can use gadgets that are available to commoners these days. With these devices, you can measure your blood sugar level at home without having to go anywhere. These machines need a small drop of blood from your finger. If you wish to purchase such a device, you should head to your local pharmacy. Don’t forget to read the instructions printed in the leaflet that comes with the machine.

3. Targeted levels: A blood sugar level target is something that you to try to reach. Your doctor may also use the term goal. Folks with diabetes have specific blood sugar targets they have to try to reach at different moments of the day. These targets should be, 80 to 130 before a meal.

Below 180 two hours after you start consuming the meal.

4. Frequency: You have to Book Diabetes Test Online based on the type of diabetes you contract, and the frequency will depend on the same. The medicines you take to control your condition will also dictate the frequency. For instance, an individual who takes insulin will need to get his/her blood sugar levels checked more often than another individual who manages to control his/her condition using medicines. You should discuss the matter with your doctor to get a more precise answer to your query.

5. For high blood sugar levels: If you suffer from hyperglycemia, it means your blood sugar content is higher than the targeted level or over it. This condition can cause severe health problems. You need to get yourself tested at the earliest if you’re experiencing unusual thirst, lethargy, blurry vision, or peeing more often than usual.

Final words

In an attempt to control high blood sugar levels, they may drop below normal. This condition is as dangerous as having high blood sugar content. In reality, it’s much more hazardous and requires instant treatment.