Effective Diagnosis And Management Of Asthma By Allergy Tests

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Effective Diagnosis And Management Of Asthma By Allergy Tests

Only the people suffering from asthma would understand the sufferings that come with an asthmatic attack. The breathlessness and difficulty in breathing can be very severe in some attacks. Let us understand how certain allergy tests can help in effective management of asthma.

Skin test for asthma:

These tests are the most commonly chosen tests for diagnosing and evaluating the severity of your asthma. Usually, a prick with small dose of allergens is made on your back to check if you develop an inflammation around the prick site.

Intra-dermal test for asthma:

In case the skin prick test doesn’t yield a conclusive result, then you might have to go for an intra-dermal test.

Patch test for asthma:

Patch testing is routinely done along with intra-dermal test to confirm the results of each test. Instead of injecting the allergen below the skin, a patch test involves use of an allergen-loaded patch that is stuck on the skin for up to 2 days.

Blood tests for asthma:

In order to pin-point the allergen and to determine the response of your body against it, blood tests like ELISA and RAST may be needed.

The results of these tests will certainly allow you to manage your asthma. Trust igenetic for reliable and accurate allergy testing for asthma.

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