Cancer Screening Test – Treatment Without Prevention is Unachievable

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Cancer Screening Test – Treatment Without Prevention is Unachievable

Cancer is a disease where abnormal growth of cells occurs, resulting in the destruction of body tissue. So, that cell loses normal control mechanism and expands continuously, capture the adjacent tissue and migrate to other parts of the body.

There are more than 100 types of cancer is in existence today. The most common types of cancer include breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, bladder cancer, skin cancer, thyroid cancer, kidney cancer, lung cancer, and pancreatic cancer.

Symptoms differ depending on the type of cancer. Some of them include changes in the breast size and shape, changes in the skin, a lump under the skin, chronic cough, difficulty in eating, weight loss, sweating, abdominal pain, abnormal bleeding, and extreme fatigue.

How to diagnose cancer within your area?

Doctors use laboratory tests and results to predict cancer. So, before going to the hospital, you can diagnose yourself and can confirm the presence of cancer through cancer screening test.

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You can simply choose the best cancer screening test in Mumbai within a few processes. Using Smartphone or other gadgets, search for the cancer diagnostic center within your location to get the exact result.

Screening tests carried out to detect cancer:

A screening test for cancer is done to people who do not have any symptoms of a disease. It is helpful to reduce the risk of disease or to detect cancer earlier enough to treat it.

Screening tests undergone by a diagnostic center to predict cancer are
i) Physical examination
ii) Tests such as blood test, complete blood count, blood protein testing, urine test
iii) Tests like CT scan, MRI, ultrasound, and X-ray
iv) Tumor markers

Other tests are carried out for the patients according to the type of cancer. These tests can show your doctor what is happening inside your body.

Benefits of a screening test for cancer:

Screening is one of the most essential procedures for the detection of cancer. Although a number of developments have been made in the field of cancer still some people are struggling to treat them due to poor economic status. But this Cancer Screening Test is turning out to be an indication of health care rationing for everyone.

For each type of cancer, there are some guidelines regarding the appropriate time and age for screening. This will be helpful for safeguarding the lives of those who do not have sufficient money. So, encourage patients to go for a screening test and detect their cancer stage.

Initially, doctors go for the screening results to identify the abnormalities in patients. The reports from cancer screening test and cancer stage help them in deciding the treatment options and chances for a therapy. Thus, test for cancer detection online easier the work for both doctor and patient.

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