Book Senior Citizen Health Checkup Packages For Men at affordable rates

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Book Senior Citizen Health Checkup Packages For Men at affordable rates

Health problems are on the rise. The weather change, unhealthy lifestyle, improper food habits, rising pollution, etc. are adding towards the increase in diseases in people. Senior citizens especially males are frequent victims of these diseases which make their life difficult.

Old age is associated with several diseases but with proper health care and treatment, one can lead a peaceful and healthy life. However, what happens, in reality, is the opposite! Senior citizens who are not financially stable face quite a number of health problems as they are not able to get all the required vitamins and minerals that are required for the body.

A survey conducted by the National Sample Survey Organization has shown that elderly experience more ailments compared to other age groups (2006).

Some of the common health problems that elderly men suffer from are:

  • Cardiovascular or heart illness
  • Circulatory diseases
  • Cancer
  • Bone weakness
  • Diabetes
  • Alzheimer’s disease

But all these can be easily avoided with timely health check-ups.

Why full body health check-ups are important for elderly men?

As human beings age their immune systems become weaker. The immune system in our bodies helps in warding off diseases. Weak immune systems are not able to do so, that's why we see old people getting sick often. The body isn't able to detect the cell damages and repair them thus old men become prone to various diseases that can be warded off easily by a young healthy person.

However, even with a weak immune system, one can lead a healthy life. What one needs is timely health check-up to detect any serious ailment and proper healthy lifestyle consisting of healthy food, regular exercise, pleasant environment to shelter in and more.

Even if a senior citizen looks healthy it may be that he or she is suffering from an ailment since they have a weak immune system. Therefore, one should book for a full body check up for senior citizen.

Some of the tests that are included in a standard full body check-up for senior citizen are:

Iron Studies: Iron studies tests are a set of blood sample tests that detect the percentage of iron present in the patient's blood and body cells. Generally, old people have a deficiency of iron in their bodies. This happens due to the low intake of essentials vitamins and minerals that regulate the iron levels in the body. Lack of iron is the prime reason for anemia, decrease in strength, chances of falling and more.

Uric Acid Test: Uric Acid tests are done to detect the levels of uric acid in the blood. High levels of uric acid develop to the condition of gout. In urine tests too, the level of uric acid is judged in order to find the cause of kidney stone or the risk of developing stones. Majority of older men are patients of Gout which is inflammatory arthritis. Uric acid tests let one know whether a senior citizen has developed Gout or not or how it is affecting his body.

Lipid Profile: Elderly men are always at the risk of having heart problems and stroke. The Lipid profile tests help in detecting the cholesterol levels in the body. If the levels are high, the doctor recommends going for a healthier lifestyle.

Thyroid Profile: Thyroid profile test helps in knowing the status of the thyroid gland present in the neck of the patient. Elderly men have lesser secretion of thyroxine which are the main culprits in causing sluggishness, weight gain, and body aches.

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