An Overview of Some Common Causes And Test For Diabetes

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An Overview of Some Common Causes And Test For Diabetes

Glucose is an important metabolic product that supplies energy to the cells and tissue. This fuel source is transferred from one part of the body to other via the blood.
Diabetes is a chronic disease that causes the blood glucose level to get elevated due to several reasons.  The elevated sugar level causes a number of health related issues.

People suffering from diabetes are recommended to take diabetes test in Mumbai regularly to keep their glucose level in control. The article will navigate through some of the facts one should know before having a Diabetes test.

Causes of Diabetes:

It is vital to first understand about the causes to know closely about the disease. These are the broad types of diabetes;

1. Diabetes type 1 causes:

In this type of diabetes, there is an autoimmune attack of the immune cells on the pancreatic beta cells that are responsible to produce insulin. The insulin is responsible to down-regulate the glucose level in the blood. This is done by allowing the glucose to be taken up by the cells.

2. Diabetes Type 2 Causes:

This starts initially as pre-diabetes where the cells gradually become resistant towards the active binding of insulin. The pancreas is unable to meet the insulin requirement by the body. Thus sugar builds up in the blood instead of entering the cells. One needs to regularly have diabetes test in Delhi to keep the level of glucose in control.

3. Gestation diabetes:

This occurs in pregnant women as the placenta in a continuous process to produce pregnancy sustaining hormones. The cells thus become resistant insulin resulting in building glucose level.


The symptoms of Diabetes type 1 are abrupt. Thus, through high blood sugar test in Nagpur, the level of glucose should be taken care of regularly. The common tests include;

A1C test:

This glycated hemoglobin test requires fasting and measures the blood sugar percentage that is attached to hemoglobin. Test results below 5.7 are considered to be normal.

Random sugar test:

In this test, the blood sample is randomly taken and the normal level is considered to be lower than 11.1mmol/L.

Fasting sugar test:

The sample of the blood is taken in an overnight fasting condition. The normal level is considered to be 5.6mmol/L.

Glucose tolerance examination:

After determining the fasting glucose level, a sugary liquid is orally given to the patient and the glucose level in the blood is measured. The normal level us 140mg/dL after the test.

Thus, book diabetes test online and know about your level to lead healthy standards of living.