Allergy Testing: Helping You Avoid Your Allergy Causes And Symptoms

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Allergy Testing: Helping You Avoid Your Allergy Causes And Symptoms

Allergies are hypersensitivity reaction of the body to the foreign particles. This is caused as the immune cells are sensitive and react to the exposure to a particular allergen. This can range from having mild to serious symptoms. This causes temporary abnormality that may gradually show up on the skin surface.


The allergic severe reaction occurs as the immune cells fight against the invaders even if they are harmless. The body in response prepares some of the antibodies to fight against the particular antigen. There are a number of chemical mediators like the histamine that causes allergic symptoms to arise.
Various allergy test focus to discover the particular allergen that is responsible for such reaction. The triggering factors include- airborne factors, food, insect sting, medication, and latex.


There are many allergic symptoms that help in the diagnosis process. Some of the symptoms include;
Sneezing and itching facial areas like the eyes, nose or mouth.
Watery eyes that may become red and swollen.
The nose may run and become stuffy.
Hives and patches all over the body.
There may be chest tightness and shortness of breath.
There may be rashes and swelling all over the body.

Diagnostic test:

Allergy Test is generally involved in the following test to give the particular result.

1. IgE is an antibody class which is tested as they are related to allergic reactions. Although they are present in trace amount in the body, they are potent to cause allergic manifestations. The total IgE is tested to give the overall count of IgE antibodies and then specific IgE is examined by exposing to the particular antigen.

2. An absolute eosinophil is counted that accounts for the WBC. They are generally active in allergic disease. Its level gets elevated in case of some allergic manifestations. Normally the count should stay within 1.0-6.0%.

3. Allergy panel examination is done to determine the overactive immune cells present in the blood. Sometimes they are referred to s the immunoassay including the RAST and ELISA tests.

4. Book Allergy Test Online that takes account of the CBC as the major reaction and interaction of the allergen and the immune cells is taken in the blood.

Thus, determining the above-mentioned factors one can now be focused to perform their desired allergic test and get instant relief through earliest treatment.

Suggested Diagnosis and Tests for Allergy