Acne Test Is Increasing Day By Day Due To Usage Of Oily Foods And Products

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Acne Test Is Increasing Day By Day Due To Usage Of Oily Foods And Products

Acne occurs due to stimulation of sebaceous glands with hair follicles at the time of hormonal changes. It is a chronic skin condition sometime causes blackheads, whiteheads or pimples. It usually appears on face, chest, forehead, upper back and shoulders. It is common in teenagers and now it is affecting the people of all ages. By surveying of acne test, it is determined that acne is affecting 80% of teenagers, most of them are girl, and 35% of them are women ages 30 to 40.

Types of Acne occurs due to dead skin cells

  • Black heads- They have black colour and occurs in the surface of the skin. It can be clearly visible.
  • White heads- They are small and remain under the skin.
  • Pustules- They appeared red in colour and has pus at their tips.
  • Papules- These are easily visible on the skin and have pink bumps and small in size.
  • Cysts- It is painful and filled with pus. It can cause scars.
  • Nodules- It is large and solid shape pimples. It is very painful because it embedded deep in the skin.

They can be specified by the pimple test prescribed by any dermatologists and can be cure by medication of skin.

Some preventive measures of acne

Diet- Healthy diet with minimum refined sugar will prevent you from acne or pimple. Eat foods, which have minimum oil and sugar, avoid greasy or junk food and add more fruits, vegetables and grains to your diet. Dairy products can trigger acne.

Reduce stress- The pimple on the women skin mostly appeared due to stress and tension. So, it is important to avoid stress and relax more.

Choose Makeup- Avoid makeup products that contain oil. Avoid wearing blush, foundation or powder. If you wear it then wash it off at the end of the day. Read the ingredients of the product to choose oil free product.

Use acne cream to remove access oil- Use OTC acne cream that stops acne from forming. It is important for sensitive skin to use it with precaution.

These preventive measures help to control and reduce acne. The acne test will help you to take measures related to your type of pimple.

Some other factors to determine cause of pimple

There are many reasons that cause acne in face like unhygienic and oily food, stress, bacteria on the pores, diet and hormone factor, excess oil production, certain cosmetic and skin care products, etc. are some common allergens that cause acne. Some blood test laboratories have management system and tightly controlled process to treat the acne or pimple. The blood tests to determine pimple causes will help you to cure it fast.

The best treatment of acne is to take care of skin at home with daily exercise and drink plenty of water, use gentle cleansing soap, etc. If any patient with acne is trying new treatment then it is important for them to proceed with cautions.