A Must For Every woman To Know - Pre-Pregnancy Tests

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A Must For Every woman To Know - Pre-Pregnancy Tests

If you are going to be a would-be mother, both you and your would be child's health will be your primary concern. Where you always need to stay fit during the time of your pregnancy, there are some medications to which you need to take. Proper medications ensure you and your fetus's good health.

Here are some important Pre-pregnancy Tests to know and execute.

Weight Check:

This is the most initial test to do when you are going through the pregnancy period. It is quite normal that your weight might increase but a supervision of a good doctor will prove fine. The doctor might also set a diet plan for you.

Mental Health Screening:

This is another most important test that you will need to concentrate upon. It is very important for you to have a sound mental condition to conceive.

Glucose Test:

The glucose test is to be done during the time you are thinking to have a baby. Glucose test also co-relates with diabetes test so it is very important as a pre-pregnancy test.

Gynecological Check-ups:

This is a physical test for you. Here the gynecologist generally tests whether you are into a perfect physical state to conceive.

In spite of all these, there are numerous blood tests you need to do like, the Rh factor, Hepatitis B, HIV test and many more.