• What Are The Tests To Confirm Asthma?

    Asthma is a reactive airway abnormality causing difficulty in breathing, chest tightness, coughing and wheezing. It is caused by the hypersensitivity manifestation of the body that causes the elevation of the immunoglobulin type E to protect the body reactions.

  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome - Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

    Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) has become a concern of the recent generation which has struck major part of the women society leading to infertility, hirsutism, cardiac problems, acne and menstrual irregularity.

  • Heart Disease Test: The Best Way to Know About the Unknown Heart Problem

    Heart disease is one of the most commonly happening disorders among the human beings. It is mainly caused due to certain abnormalities of the cardiovascular system.

  • What Tests Are Used To Diagnose Arthritis And What Are The Latest Effective Treatments?

    Arthritis is one of the majorly happening bone diseases in India in the recent times. Mostly developing among the adults over the age of 60 Arthritis can lead you to hell. Women are more prone to this disease than men of the said age group.

  • Why A Female Should Go For Thyroid Test During Pregnancy?

    Thyroid glands are gland located in the front of the neck which synthesizes thyroid hormone which controls various metabolic pathways.

  • Lactose Intolerance - What You Should Know About This Common Condition

    Lactose intolerance is an exclusive condition where subject is unable to digest lactose due to inadequate amount of enzyme lactase in the body. It is a genetically inherited disease that could be life-long if left untreated. It can be categorized into three types: primary, secondary and congenital lactose deficiency.

  • Chronic Kidney Disease is Identified By a Blood Test For Creatinine

    Chronic kidney disease is a renal disease in which the victim suffers loss of renal function that develops gradually. This is not marked by serious symptoms but there is a loss of appetite that directs the prevalence of the disease.

  • Facts About Dengue That You Should Know About

    Dengue is a disease which has nowadays created a nightmare among the people who get affected with it. It is such a disease which can turn into an endemic in very less amount of time.

  • Tests for Arthritis - Which Ones Are Right For You?

    Most of the older adults are aware of this disease called arthritis. It is a condition whereby a person finds it difficult to move their legs due to excessive pain in their joints.

  • Tests to Determine Overweight and Obesity

    Obesity is perhaps the only reason for the establishment of gyms. Everyone likes to look slim and fit. However not all are blessed with a good figure and so obese people finds it difficult to understand that they are putting on weight.

  • A Must For Every woman To Know - Pre-Pregnancy Tests

    If you are going to be a would-be mother, both you and your would be child's health will be your primary concern. Where you always need to stay fit during the time of your pregnancy, there are some medications to which you need to take.

  • Thyroid Disorders: Symptoms, Testing and Treatment

    The thyroid is a glad present in the neck of every human being. It is butterfly shaped and regulates a number of metabolic processes in the body. The Thyroid produces T4 and it needs iodine to produce it.

  • Effective Diagnosis And Management Of Asthma By Allergy Tests

    Only the people suffering from asthma would understand the sufferings that come with an asthmatic attack. The breathlessness and difficulty in breathing can be very severe in some attacks. Let us understand how certain allergy tests can help in effective management of asthma.

  • Know The Root Cause Of Your Allergy With These Clinical Tests

    While some people enjoy the spring, others experience runny nose, watery eyes, wheezing and coughing because of the pollen in the air and are unable to go outdoors.

  • Heart of The Matter: Diagnostic Tests For Coronary Disease

    Modern lifestyle comes with its share of downsides- heart problems. Many people experience heart problems because of poor dietary choices, lack of exercise, sedentary jobs and stress.

  • Make Your Menopausal Phase Manageable With These Clinical Tests

    During her lifetime, a woman undergoes several hormonal and physical changes. Starting with puberty, and then with pregnancy, child birth, postpartum phase and finally menopause, her body undergoes drastic changes.

  • Frustrated By Persistent Acne? Ditch The Guessing Games And Go For A Test

    Acne is a term that is far too familiar among people. While many people suffer from acne during puberty, a large number of people have acne even after puberty is over. We all hate acne but it is a condition that stays.

  • Three Simple Blood Tests to Monitor Your Blood Sugar Levels

    Diabetes has emerged as a leading disease in the past few decades. Modern lifestyle, heredity, sedentary work, lack of exercise and poor dietary choices are some of the reasons why people suffer from diabetes.

  • Allergy Relief - Know Your Allergy Then Bring Back Your Life

    An allergic reaction may vary from small red and itchy spots/ rashes on your skin to runny nose and watery eyes. However, it may also develop into a severe reaction characterized by breathlessness, nausea, difficulty in swallowing and dizziness.

  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) - Facts And Myths

    Women of childbearing age are often diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). The exact cause of PCOS is not completely understood but it is believed that hormonal imbalance and insulin resistance are two leading contributors to this disorder.

  • Symptoms That Necessitate Dengue Tests to be Done Urgently

    Fever and body-ache can happen because of a number of reasons, especially during season changes. While fever is a normal response of the human body against infections, you should not wait to see the doctor if the fever goes very high or has accompanying discomfort like dizziness, rashes etc.

  • Useful Tips in Avoiding Asthma Especially In Young Children

    Nowadays pollution levels are increasing at an alarming rate. Pollution especially air pollution result in breathing problems like asthma. In fact our home is not free from air pollutants.

  • Cancer Screening Guidelines May Indicate Health Care Rationing For Everyone

    Screening is one of the most important procedures for the detection of cancer. It increases the chances of detecting cancer at an early stage thereby reducing risk.

  • Kidney Dialysis Diet - Daily Tips to Boost Your Kidney Function at Its Fullest

    After undergoing a dialysis, one must follow certain typical diets as it will help them to cure them. Physicians often recommend certain types of diet that is to be taken by a patient in their post dialysis phase.

  • Making Monsoons Merry With Our Special Monsoon Fever Package

    Who doesn’t love monsoons? The petrichor after the fresh rains land on parched and sweltering Earth is one of the most cherished aromas. While monsoons bring a new lease of life to the dry vegetation and brings colourful blooms come alive, it also comes with urban problems like water logging.

  • Learn About the Heart Disease Symptom That Can Save Your Life

    Heart is one of the most important organs of our body because it helps in pumping blood into our system. Human body will turn into to a lifeless being without it. This brings out one of the important fact that heart should be kept in good condition.

  • A Pathological Test With Us Could Give You A Better Tomorrow

    Healthcare and treatments are the two stalwarts that take the call of the length and quality of our journey called life. If you want to stay in the pink of your health, health checkups are a must. And this is exactly where today’s Diagnostic & Blood Test Center play a staple role like no other.

  • Nipah Virus Infection - Causes, Symptoms, Treatments and Preventions

    Nipah virus (NiV) infection is a zoonotic disease that is transmitted from the natural hosts- fruit bats- to humans either directly, or indirectly through other hosts like pigs. Direct transmission occurs by consumption of fruit or date sap contaminated by infected fruit bats.

  • Gastric Reflux Symptoms - What Are the Common Reasons For Heartburn?

    Gastric reflux occurs with the bubbling up of stomach acids into esophagus and throat. Everyone has experience this kind of sensation after intake of unhealthy food.

  • Prostate Cancer Screening Test for Obese People

    The complete cause of prostate cancer have not yet been identified, however, many studies have shown that there are certain factors that may play a role in the development of this disease.

  • What are the Causes of Hair Loss in People Today?

    Hair loss is one of the most common problems which are faced by a wide range of people. Hair losses are of different types and to find out the possible reason can be a difficult task. Alopecia is the medical term used for hair loss.

  • The Common Signs of Early Menopause

    While it is true, menopause affects women who are in their late forties or early fifties. Unfortunately, early menopause symptoms can be experienced by women at almost any age. It is important for women to understand something that is referred to as premature menopause and early menopause symptoms.

  • Information on Newborn Screening Resources

    It is crucial for all babies to get screened within the first forty-eight hours of life to establish whether or not the recently born infant has any one of the distressing conditions.

  • Newborn Screening Tests – How it Help Identify the Birth Defects

    Just how do birth defects happen? What can be done to identify birth defects? How do I make sure that my baby comes away healthy and safe? Ahead of getting pregnant, it is crucial that you take time to realize why and how exactly birth defects happen.

  • Try These Simple Cures to Get Rid of Acne & Maintain a Healthy Skin

    The pimple tends to influences a person's personal life for example it influences your self-pride and limit your openness to the public. Pimples are caused by a bacteria called P. acne, this bacteria comes when your follicles are clogged up.

  • All about Arthritis Treatment & Natural Cures

    There are several arthritis treatment options available. You can find medications to keep the pain at the minimum. There are also tips for dieting and exercises, joint replacement surgical treatments & physical therapies

  • Effects of Obesity on your Health & Lifestyle

    It is no more a secret that more and more people are becoming obese. While attaining weight is bad for your health, and you may not realize how bad it truly is.

  • Advice on Treatment Facilities for Alcohol Addiction

    Alcoholic beverages are cheap, easily available, and everywhere. It can be very difficult for a person with a habit of alcohol to get through a day without drinking. It is essential for the alcohol addicted person to get into a treatment center for cleansing.

  • Medical Test for Kidney Diseases

    One of the most effective ways to make certain you have the possibility of recovering from a kidney disorder is by early and correct prognosis. A kidney disease can be treated early; you can even prevent it from getting more serious.

  • What Causes Infertility among Couples?

    There could be many definitions of infertility among couples, but do you really know what causes infertility? The base definition is a biological or physiological condition that prevents a couple that has been trying to conceive with unprotected love-making for more than twelve months without success.

  • Preventing Pre-Diabetes from Getting Worse

    You’re fortunate if you are among individuals who are not diabetic. However, the body might be silently developing this disease keeping you unaware of your exact health. If you are health conscious a few symptoms will alert you about your pre-diabetic condition.

  • Warning Signs of Thyroid Problem

    You need to know the reason why you are still fatigued and exhausted, even though you get a night's sleep. Whenever problems develop with the thyroid gland, it can manifest with many different signs.

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